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Welcome to Illuminating the Word!

Since 2009, Jeremy and Sara Brown have been ministering with Wycliffe Bible Translators in the Republic of Congo, working to bring the Bible to Congolese people in the languages they understand best.

The Missionaries:Jeremy and Sara Brown
Their Children:Peregrine (Perrin) and Paladin (Aldin)
Ministering to:The Republic of Congo
Project summary:Create Bible story videos for 25 Old Testament passages that are being translated into 5 Congolese languages by a group of Congolese Bible translators.

This site contains more than 7 years worth of blog entries, photos and newsletters, and covers topics like our daily life, our work, vacations and more. We hope that you enjoy this glimpse into our lives.

- Jeremy & Sara Brown
June 16, 2014

Saturday, December 3, 2016
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Wednesday, April 27, 2016
Due to political reasons, the final checking seminar for the five-language translation project had to be postponed until May 9.

In the meantime, we decided to take advantage of the time by starting the recordings of Exodus. Last week we recorded the Exodus passages in Ngangulu. Today we started in Southwest Teke. My colleague Brian and I have been taking turns running the recording equipment and we've worked out a pretty good workflow.

For our family, next week marks our exodus from Congo as we head home on May 6 to prepare for the birth of baby #3 sometime in August. Our last month has been a flurry of organizing and packing as we prepare for the trip.

Please pray for the translators to finish well with their checking seminar in May and their Scripture recordings after that. And pray for us as we finish packing and travel home.


Tuesday, October 20, 2015
All's quiet here as we go to sleep, and the internet's up, so I thought I'd post a little status update.

We are having team meetings this week, so team members from other parts of Congo are currently staying in Brazzaville with us, including more kids for our kids to play with. Today ended up being a non-work day. Our neighborhood was very quiet, except for the happy shouts of our children as they raced around the center playing together. We all ate a communal lunch in the dining hall, and the kids all watched Surf's Up - they were bouncing around the room on imaginary surfboards by the end of the movie.

Pray for good team meetings for the next 3 days, and peace and safety for all of Congo.


Thursday, October 1, 2015
Last week we started recording the passages from Genesis that have been translated by the five-language translation project. We started out with the Dondo team.

We copied the Bible passages out into a big spreadsheet document so we could break it up into parts - the Narrator, God, Adam, Eve, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and so on.

The translators were responsible for finding people from their community who would be willing to come in and record different parts.

The recording takes place in a small recording studio on our center. A recording technician who attends a local church with some of our colleagues is doing the recording.

We were able to finish the recording for the Dondo passages in 6 days. We learned some things along the way about how to make the process easier, and some of the pitfalls to avoid, so we hope the next group will be able to finish their recording in 5 days or less.

As a family, we've had some fun over the last few weeks. We went down to the Congo river with our kids to walk along the new promenade that's being built next to the river to accompany a road expansion that will eventually link the two major highways that meet up in Brazzaville. We walked along as the kids raced up the hill, and looked at people gardening down by the river, then ate a picnic lunch before heading back. You can check out the photo album here.

The 11th African Games were held in Brazzaville this year. They built a new highway that links Brazzaville to a giant stadium that was built north of town to host the African Games. Jeremy went with some friends to check it out first. Later our whole family and the Parker family went. We saw "handball" (a cross between basketball and soccer) and javelin throws, and visited a craft fair on the premises that had local artisans and their carvings, sculptures, pottery, paintings, and fabric goods. See our photo album of the 11th African Games.


Sunday, September 13, 2015
The three-week translation checking seminar concluded a little over a week ago, with all five teams accomplishing what they needed to to move forward. All the passages that the teams translated from Exodus have now been checked by the consultants. And all the teams did a second review of the Genesis passages that had been checked during the last two seminars.

Translators, consultant, and linguist for the Ngangulu team

Starting next week, each team will be recording all the passages from Genesis, one week per team. These recordings will eventually be distributed to the language communities on CD and as MP3 files. We'll also take these recordings to make the Bible story videos that will be provided to the community on DVD and on SD cards for playing on people's computers and phones.

One of the translators for the Kituba team

As one team records, the others will be starting on the translation of the final group of passages for this project which includes the following stories:
  • The Bronze Serpent (Numbers 21)
  • Entering the Promised Land (Joshuah 1-3, 5-6)
  • The Time of the Judges: Deborah (Judges 4)
  • David and Goliath (1 Samuel 17)
  • King Solomon's Wisdom (1 Kings 3)
  • Elijah and the Prophets of Baal (1 Kings 16-18)
  • The Fiery Furnance (Daniel 3)
  • Daniel in the Lions' Den (Daniel 6)

Jeremy and the consultant for the Southwest Teke team after a presentation

This next portion of the project is slated to last six months, ending with the final translation checkings seminar in April 2016.

Please pray for God's blessing on all the translators and everyone else who is involved in this next stage of the five-language translation project!


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